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The Portfolio of Sabrina Eads


Mad Scientist Journal
Spring 2019

"Multi-scientist garage sale and swap meet"

Faux Classified Ad

March 26, 2019

Mad Scientist Journal requested faux classified ads.  Naturally, the community events section had the usual: warnings about villains careening down streets where OUR MINIONS play--if you're going to murder, please, for the love of science, make it INTENTIONAL; rants about thefts of pots of foxglove and pennyroyal, nearly mature and ready for harvest to do mayhem; and lost frankenpet notices.  When the neighborhood hears about this event, they will scream!


Story Seed Vault 


January 1, 2018

Story Seed Vault is a website that published micro fiction based on real-life science stories.  

Inspired by a story of the discovery that one of Saturn's moons has subsurface oceans and water plumes that can be seen from space, this short work sets the scene for long distance space travel, with only the walls of a delicate space craft between life and the void.


Tales of Texas: Short Stories
An Anthology of Texas Fiction
(HWH Texas Anthology) (Volume 1)
"The Legend of Woman Hollering Creek"

September 27, 2017

An anthology of Texas themed short stories and poetry.  

"The Legend of Woman Hollering Creek" won 3rd place in Houston Writers House's contested for this anthology.

The short story tells the tale of why we must remember and honor those who have moved onto the next realm, or beware.


"Hurricane Harvey -
Healing Through Creativity"
A Haiku Collection

September 2017

A collection of haiku poetry by multiple Houstonian writers meditating on Hurrican Harvey and its aftermath.

"Untitled" sprung from driving along a street piled high with debris from flooded homes, witnessing the enormity of the damage. The memory of that fear and the physical evidence of our collective losses provoked an emotional reaction.


Edify Fiction
Volume 1, Issue 4
Christmas in July
"Miranda's Christmas in July"

July 2017

Upon entering hospice care, Miranda lamented that she would most likely miss Christmas.  She and her friend decide to surprise the others residents with Christmas in July.

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