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Sabrina emerged from the womb with a pen in hand.  (Sorry, Mom!)  In school, she got good marks for creativity and writing, but poor marks for telling time on analog clocks and handwriting. Prior to the advent of the internet for the public at large, Sabrina escaped to the den, turned on a secondhand old school computer, and typed out adventures in romance and scathing satires on the social structures of suburban high schools. (The only other thing we used that computer for was to play Digger.)  She traded collaborative stories in spiral notebooks with her childhood bestie, most of which comprised contests of who could writer the worst alternate future for the other.  (Hi, Jen!)  Sabrina won honorable mentions in local high school writing contests and participated in UIL events for journalism, including headline writing.  She also wrote and edited her high school newspaper.  In her undergrad days, Sabrina majored in creative writing at the University of Houston and studied with Glenn Blake and Stephen Wolfe, who she still cites as influential in shaping her writing. She had a short stint of copy editing professionally at the university's newspaper, The Daily Cougar, and volunteered to help with administrative tasks at Gulf Coast a few times. Sabrina ran an online journal collective at that featured prompts that the web ring completed and shared.  The site is now defunct.  Sabrina also wrote 'zines in the early 2000s, and ran a 'zine distro, Moonlight Requisition, also now defunct.  For several months, she wrote post-event wrap ups for Geek Girl Brunch Houston.

Now, Sabrina writes in her spare time.   She is really interested in micro and flash fiction, though she is always on the alert for the idea that might become a longer project.  Currently she posts daily flash fiction of a darker nature at Trixie Vexation.  Her favorite types of writing involve paranormal, science fiction, and speculative, though she is pretty much an omnivore in both what she will read and write.

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"Honest is easy, fiction's where genius lies."


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Houston, TX

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